• Cannabis Science Program

    • Expertise-Driven: Crafted by cannabis experts, our curriculum covers scientific principles and practical applications comprehensively.
    • Specialized Learning: Deep dive into cannabinoids, bio-availability, decarboxylation, and efficient extraction techniques.
    • Cultivation Mastery: Learn cultivation from seed to harvest, including how to formulate your own nutrients to reduce costs significantly.
  • Designed by Medcan

    • Professional Backing: Powered by a decade of Medcan Medical Clinic’s experience, our courses are steeped in professional insights.
    • Integrated Resources: Leverage our extensive network of industry professionals for a richer, more informed learning experience.
    • Recognized Certification: Completing our rigorous program earns you a respected Cannabis Science Certification, validating your expertise.
  • Comprehensive Learning

    • Broad Curriculum: Explore not only the scientific and technical aspects but also the history, legality, sociology, and medical applications of cannabis.
    • Advanced Techniques: Master advanced extraction and cultivation methods, including custom nutrient formulations and sophisticated safety protocols.
    • Innovative Methods: Engage with cutting-edge topics in cannabis, from advanced edible preparations to the analytics of cannabis materials.

Alumni Stories and Experiences


Medcan University is looking forward to registering you or your employees for courses, in order to prepare for a successful career in our developing cannabis industry!

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