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Our Cannabis Cultivation course is an holistic primer for cannabis cultivation, designed to provide harm reduction through professional instruction for cultivating high quality, safe cannabis flower for personal use.

In this course, students are taken step by step through the design of the grow space, the plant anatomy and life cycle, as well as seed selection. They will have a firm understanding of soil selection, lighting, ventilation, odor control, nutrient usage, water quality control and prevention of pests and pathogens.

Guidance in designing your specific grow space for your unique needs is the foundation of this course. Bring photos and information about the dimensions of the space and our instructors will help you to choose lighting and ventilation products that work for your space and needs.

The aim of this course is for students to walk away ready to cultivate cannabis using specific harm reduction practices in order to produce the safest, highest quality cannabis possible.

Medcan Medical Clinic offers Certification at the completion of each of Medcan University's courses after successful completion of a final exam.

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