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Welcome to Medcan University's newly updated Edible Design & Production course—your comprehensive guide to understanding the science, safety, and satisfaction of creating cannabis-infused edibles. We delve into the fascinating world of cannabinoids and fats, illuminating the crucial relationship between bioavailability, absorption, triglycerides, and micelles. You will learn how to achieve precise decarboxylation, ensuring the precise conversion of your cannabinoid compounds.

Butter in your brownies? Not so fast. In this course, we'll help you understand why the type of fat you use in your edibles can make a world of difference. You'll learn about the science of cannabinoids, their affinity for certain fats, and the importance of liposomal encapsulation for maximizing bioavailability. We'll guide you through selecting the right fats for infusion, moving beyond traditional butter to explore a range of options, each with their unique properties.

Furthermore, we'll dive deep into prime material selection, introducing you to the variances between trim, flower, concentrate, and distillate. You'll master the art of crafting edibles from any source material, optimizing cannabinoid extraction and infusion based on the characteristics of each. By the end of our course, you'll be able to create high-quality, potent, and delectable edibles, all within the comfort of your own home.

You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again: Math matters. Especially when it comes to safe dosing and edible preparation. Our expanded mathematics section gives you the tools to understand conversion, formulation, and efficiency equations. Yes, there will be homework, but don't worry—we'll review it together.

We place a strong emphasis on safety and harm reduction and everything we teach is in order to help reduce associated risks, because we believe that creating edibles should be as safe as it is enjoyable. You'll learn advanced edible techniques such as emulsification, exploring the role of phospholipids and sugars.

Upon completion of the course and a final exam, you'll receive a certification from Medcan University, a testament to your newly acquired expertise in the world of cannabis edibles.

Our team at Medcan University brings a wealth of industry experience to the table.

As part of our ever-growing cannabis community, you will be uniquely positioned to contribute to the advancement of the cannabis industry. Whether you're a professional seeking to enhance your skills, or a cannabis enthusiast wanting to take your edible game to the next level, our Edible Design & Production course is your gateway to mastering the art and science of cannabis-infused edibles. Join us on this transformative journey and be a part of the revolution that is reshaping perceptions and understanding of cannabis.

Welcome to the future of edibles, and welcome to Medcan University.


Safe Edible Design & Production Course Syllabus

Day 1:

A. Cannabinoids & Fats

a. Bio-availability & Absorption
b. Triglycerides
c. Micelles
d. Decarboxylation

B. Analytics

C. Prime Material

D. At-Home Edibles Preparations

a. Trim & Flower
b. Concentrate
c. Distillate

E.  Safe Dosing

a. Conversion Maths
b. Formulation Maths
c. Efficiency Maths


Day 2:


F. Safety and Harm Reduction

G. Advanced Edible Techniques

a. Advanced Emulsification
b. Phospholipids and Sugars

H. Final Exam

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