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Introducing Medcan University's Safe Edibles Studies (SES), a specialized 2-day program within our Professional Development Program (MC-DPD) that focuses on the sophisticated art and science of creating cannabis-infused edibles. This course is expertly tailored for professionals in the gastronomy sector, such as chefs, pastry chefs, and chocolatiers, as well as cannabis enthusiasts who prioritize precision and safety in their edible innovations.

Exploring Cannabinoids & Fats: Delve into the intricate interaction between cannabinoids and fats, grasping concepts like bioavailability, absorption, and the significance of triglycerides and micelles. Perfect the science of precise decarboxylation and learn how different fats can revolutionize your edible creations. This segment encourages experimentation beyond traditional butter, introducing a variety of fats, each offering unique attributes.

Selecting Prime Materials & Perfecting Home Creations: Gain mastery in choosing top-grade materials, ranging from trim and flower to concentrate and distillate. This course empowers you, whether a culinary veteran or a newcomer, to produce high-quality, potent, and tantalizing edibles from any cannabis source.

Mathematics: The Foundation of Safe Dosing: Embrace the critical role of mathematics in ensuring safe dosing and preparation of edibles. An expanded section on algebra provides the necessary tools for understanding conversion, formulation, and efficiency equations. The course includes homework and collaborative review sessions, ensuring a thorough grasp of the mathematical precision essential in edible crafting.

Emphasizing Safety, Harm Reduction, & Advanced Techniques: The course strongly focuses on safety and harm reduction, teaching methods to minimize risk in edible production. It covers advanced techniques like emulsification and the use of phospholipids and sugars, all with the primary goal of minimizing harm and risk.

A Program for Culinary Trailblazers: Designed academically yet accessible, SES is ideal for culinary experts worldwide seeking to incorporate cannabis into their culinary masterpieces. From chocolatiers to pastry chefs, this course imparts the precise knowledge and skills needed for innovation and excellence in the culinary cannabis field.

Certification & Inclusive Community: Upon successful completion and a final exam, participants earn the AES Certification from Medcan University, signifying expertise in cannabis edibles. Join our growing cannabis community and contribute to the evolving industry.

Join the Revolution in Edible Creation: Enroll now in our Safe Edibles Studies course and be at the forefront of the transformative movement in cannabis edibles. Suitable for seasoned chefs or industry beginners, this course is your pathway to mastering the meticulous and responsible craft of cannabis-infused edibles.

Welcome to the cutting edge of edibles, welcome to Medcan University.

Edible Design & Production Course Syllabus

Day 1:

A. Cannabinoids & Fats

a. Bio-availability & Absorption
b. Triglycerides
c. Micelles
d. Decarboxylation

B. Analytics

C. Prime Material

D. At-Home Edibles Preparations

a. Trim & Flower
b. Concentrate
c. Distillate

E.  Safe Dosing

a. Conversion Maths
b. Formulation Maths
c. Efficiency Maths


Day 2:


F. Safety and Harm Reduction

G. Advanced Edible Techniques

a. Advanced Emulsification
b. Phospholipids and Sugars

H. Final Exam

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