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Introducing Medcan University's Edible Design & Production course, a masterful 2-day program that elevates the art and science of crafting cannabis-infused edibles. This course is meticulously designed to cater to professionals from the gastronomy industry, including chefs, pastry chefs, and chocolatiers, as well as cannabis enthusiasts seeking precision and safety in their edible creations.

A Deep Dive into Cannabinoids & Fats

Explore the fascinating relationship between cannabinoids and fats, understanding the intricacies of bioavailability, absorption, triglycerides, and micelles. Learn the art of precise decarboxylation and discover why the choice of fat can transform your edibles. Move beyond traditional butter and delve into a range of fat options, each with unique properties.

Prime Material Selection & At-Home Preparations

Master the selection of prime materials, from trim and flower to concentrate and distillate. Craft delectable edibles from any source material, optimizing cannabinoid extraction and infusion. Whether you're a professional chef or an industry newbie, this course will empower you to create high-quality, potent, and delightful edibles.

Mathematics: The Heart of Safe Dosing

Embrace the essential role of mathematics in safe dosing and edible preparation. Our expanded algebra section equips you with the tools to understand conversion, formulation, and efficiency equations. Yes, there will be homework, but fear not—we'll review it together, ensuring that you grasp the mathematical precision required in edible design.

Safety, Harm Reduction & Advanced Techniques

With a strong emphasis on safety and harm reduction, this course prioritizes risk reduction, ensuring that your edible creations are as safe as they are enjoyable. Explore advanced techniques such as emulsification, phospholipids, and sugars, all taught with the primary goal of harm and risk reduction.

A Course for the Culinary Innovators

Designed with an academic yet accessible approach, this course appeals to culinary professionals from around the world looking to integrate cannabis into their gastronomic creations. From chocolatiers to pastry chefs, this course offers the precise knowledge and skills needed to innovate and excel.

Certification & Community

Upon successful completion and a final exam, you'll receive a certification from Medcan University, a symbol of your expertise in the world of cannabis edibles. Join our ever-growing cannabis community and contribute to the advancement of the industry.

Welcome to the Future of Edibles

Enroll now in our Edible Design & Production course and be part of the revolution that is reshaping perceptions and understanding of cannabis. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an industry newbie, this course is your gateway to mastering the precise and responsible art of cannabis-infused edibles.

Welcome to the future of edibles, and welcome to Medcan University.

Edible Design & Production Course Syllabus

Day 1:

A. Cannabinoids & Fats

a. Bio-availability & Absorption
b. Triglycerides
c. Micelles
d. Decarboxylation

B. Analytics

C. Prime Material

D. At-Home Edibles Preparations

a. Trim & Flower
b. Concentrate
c. Distillate

E.  Safe Dosing

a. Conversion Maths
b. Formulation Maths
c. Efficiency Maths


Day 2:


F. Safety and Harm Reduction

G. Advanced Edible Techniques

a. Advanced Emulsification
b. Phospholipids and Sugars

H. Final Exam

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