About us

Established in 2022, Medcan University is a licensed program developed by Medcan Medical Clinic in Barcelona, Spain. Our goal is to educate and provide a certification process for cannabis industry professionals—and the public alike—as knowledgeable and qualified producers, users, and guides of cannabis products and services.

Medcan University offers courses which aim to educate professionals and consumers in order to protect the integrity of the businesses they work for as well as to educate users and consumers for an over-all elevation of knowledge and understanding of the products which exist in the Cannabis World.

Working with cannabis clubs and associations, seedbanks, medical clinics and professionals, and other vital companies within the industry, Medcan University seeks to improve the consistency and quality of products and services within an industry with varying laws and regulations throughout the world as well as here in Spain.

Medcan Medical Clinic has nearly 10 years of experience working with over 14,000 patients and an uncountable number of cannabis businesses and organizations. In fact, Medcan is the official cannabis clinic of the Spannabis cannabis conventions. Together with its vast armada of cannabis professionals and specialists with backgrounds in every possible aspect of cannabis business, Medcan Medical Clinic has created Medcan University as a harm reduction and substance education program, specializing in Cannabinoids and Cannabis products.

Medcan University is looking forward to registering you or your employees for courses, in order to prepare for a successful career in our developing cannabis industry!

Get to know the team

David Rankin, our Director of Education
David's journey into the cannabis industry began with a personal revelation. As a young man, his first experience with cannabis wasn't marked by the typical teenage high but rather a profound sense of comfort and belonging within his own skin. As an individual on the autism spectrum, David discovered that cannabis had a transformative effect on his well-being. He found himself more capable and at ease, able to navigate life with a newfound confidence and serenity. This life-changing experience ignited in David a passion for the cannabis plant and a mission to learn everything he could about it. His personal use evolved into a quest for knowledge and understanding, with the ultimate goal of educating others about the plant that had so significantly impacted his life.

He spent the early years of his career in the industry before there was a legal market, honing his knowledge and expertise in the shadows. When Colorado took the pioneering step of legalizing medical marijuana, David saw an opportunity to step into the light. He migrated to Denver, immersing himself in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry. He worked across the breadth of the sector, gaining invaluable insights and experience during the critical transition period from a strictly medical to a medical and recreational market.

After several years in Colorado, David was drawn to Barcelona, a city that has become his home for the past seven years. In Barcelona, his deep knowledge and technical prowess led him to roles with major cannabis companies like Dutch Passion and Seedstockers. As a technical consultant and professional educator, David shaped the industry's evolution, designing products for companies like Afterglow Cannabis and sharing his insights on platforms such as "The High Flyer" YouTube and Instagram channels.

Most recently, David has been an integral part of the team at Medcan Medical Clinic, serving as an English-speaking Representative, Lab and Technical consultant. His most impactful role, however, is as the Director of Education for the clinic's educational program, Medcan University. Here, David brings his 15 years of industry experience, personal insights, and passion for education to the forefront, guiding the next generation of cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals. His journey, from a personal revelation to industry expert, underscores his commitment to revolutionizing perceptions and understanding of cannabis, making him a pivotal figure in the industry's ongoing evolution.

Dr. Bryan Peguero Gómez, Specialized in Cannabinoid Medicine

Dr. Bryan Peguero Gómez is a medical doctor specialized in cannabis medicine, collaborating closely with Medcan University in the development of the medical cannabis course.

With extensive experience and profound expertise, he guides patients in cannabis-based treatments. Originally from the Dominican Republic and based in Spain, his medical education by HealthCert in Australia led him to discover the potential of cannabis in treating epilepsy, which transformed his life.

His personalized approach and knowledge in immunology ensure high-quality care. As part of the Medcan team, he elevates standards in cannabis medicine, driving positive outcomes and well-being for patients.

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