About our Sponsors

Medcan University x Cali Terpenes

We are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our educational resources, the Terp Station, generously provided by our sponsor Cali Terpenes. This device allows our students to explore the fascinating world of terpenes.

With the Terp Station, students can now dive into the intricate aromatic profiles of renowned cannabis strains, experiencing firsthand the unique scents and flavors that make each strain distinct. This hands-on sensory experience enhances our educational program, offering students a deeper understanding of the complex and diverse world of cannabis terpenes.

Cali Terpenes was born with a mission to create terpene profiles of the most acclaimed cannabis strains worldwide for their exquisite smells and flavors.
We believe in the importance of our connection with nature and in the multiple benefits it offers for our well-being; therefore, we compose our aromas with terpenes of botanical origin. This journey at a professional level has also led us to discover a new lifestyle, healthier and more sustainable with our environment and to understand that, together, we can contribute to give back to nature its power. Here we want to share it with you and encourage you to join the Cali Terpenes universe.

Read more about Cali Terpenes' history here.

Medcan University x Storz & Bickel

We are delighted to partner with Storz & Bickel, a renowned vaporizer company recognized for their exceptional technology and adherence to high-quality standards.

Through this collaboration, we are privileged to showcase their approved medical inhalation vaporizers, the Volcano Medic 2 and Mighty+ Medic  in our classroom setting. These industry-leading devices have been specifically designed to meet the strict requirements for medical cannabis consumption, ensuring precise and effective delivery of therapeutic compounds. Our students will have the invaluable opportunity to experience the seamless integration of medical cannabis and state-of-the-art vaporization technology.

Storz & Bickel is a pioneer and market leader in the field of vaporizers. With the unique selling proposition "Made in Germany" we differentiate ourselves from the market. We value and promote quality, reliability and outstanding performance - in our products, our working environment and our employees.

Storz & Bickel is the first and so far the only manufacturer to offer medically approved vaporizers for the inhaled application of cannabinoids. Our company history began just over 20 years ago, when Markus Storz developed the first prototype of the VOLCANO vaporizer, now known worldwide, in 1996. When Jürgen Bickel became a partner in 2002, the company STORZ & BICKEL was born. Since that time we have grown steadily. Today, we employ about 170 people, and the number of employees has more than doubled in the last five years.

Find out more about Storz & Bickel's history here.

Medcan University x Purpl Scientific

We are proud to partner with Purpl Scientific to bring the power of cannabis analytics to our students.

Through hands-on demonstrations and practical applications we dive into the topic of cannabis analytics, by showcasing the capabilities of their analytics device, the Purpl Pro. With Purpl Scientific's support, we are able to provide comprehensive insights into the science and analytics behind cannabis, enriching the learning experience for our students.

Purpl Scientific is an advanced cannabis tech organization dedicated to providing accurate, affordable tools that offer insight and intelligence about products and potency.

Our flagship product (the Purpl PRO) reduces the mystery and guesswork of potency, quality, and chemical composition throughout the complete lifecycle- from cultivation to consumption. We pack a ton of new generation technologies into our hand-held applications that are exceedingly powerful, amazingly fast, extremely affordable, and controlled with the click of a button.

Find out more about Purpl Scientific here.


Medcan University x Humboldt Seeds

We are thrilled to introduce yet another esteemed sponsor, Humboldt Seeds, renowned for their exceptional genetics and commitment to quality in the cannabis industry. Humboldt Seeds has been at the forefront of seed breeding and cultivation for years, offering a diverse selection of premium cannabis seeds.

Their sponsorship has allowed us to enhance our Fundamentals and Cultivation courses with a dedicated module on seeds, exploring the fascinating world of genetics and seed propagation. Humboldt Seeds brings their expertise and passion to the table, providing invaluable insights and resources to our students.

Through this partnership, we aim to educate aspiring cultivators on the importance of selecting high-quality seeds, understanding genetic traits, and mastering seed propagation techniques. Humboldt Seeds' extensive collection of strains ensures that our students have access to a wide variety of genetic profiles, allowing them to explore different characteristics and tailor their cultivation practices accordingly.

¨Quality is our number one priority. We only breed with the best of the best.¨

Founded in 2001 by biologists in Humboldt County, CA, we began breeding for patients under Prop 215. We have since evolved for the recreational market and in a international way. We are welcoming Humboldt Seeds Company Europe with the mission to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to European customers.

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