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Instant Flower Testing at The Green Goat

  • Curious about your flower's THC and CBD content and how efficiently it has been dried and preserved?

  • We spent a Sunday afternoon at The Green Goat CSC where we tested people's flower for free.

  • Check out the photos and test results.

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420 Cannabis Trivia with Cabana Libre

  • 'Which famous politician once said, "When I was a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point"?'

  • A night of Cannabis Trivia in celebration of 420 at Buena Onda Social Club.

  • Music and event organization by Cabana Libre.

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The Higher Art of Chocolate Making with Clement Niel

  • Live chocolate-making presentation with Clement Niel.

  • And safe Edible-making workshop with Medcan University.

  • Read the article here.

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