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Introducing the fully updated and enhanced "Fundamentals of Cannabis" course, brought to you by Medcan University. This comprehensive 3 day course, ideal for aspiring professionals in the cannabis industry, enthusiasts, and lifelong learners, has been meticulously revamped to ensure we remain at the forefront of cannabis education.

The "Fundamentals of Cannabis" course is a unique blend of rich history, advanced botany, comprehensive product knowledge, and practical applications, designed with an unwavering commitment to continual learning and cutting-edge knowledge. The course is not only an essential primer on cannabis but also a deep dive into the intricacies of this diverse plant and its varied uses.

Did you know that cannabis was first prohibited in the 1300s? Do you understand the natural life cycle of the plant or the production of feminized seeds? Are you familiar with the various cannabis concentrate products and the techniques used to produce them?

Upon completion of this upgraded course, you'll possess a thorough understanding of the history of cannabis, its cultivation, genetic creation, and seed production. You will also have a comprehensive understanding of nearly every cannabis product on the market - how they work, how they are made, and what effects to expect from them. We delve into topics ranging from terpenoids and the entourage effect to specific legalities in Spain and the potential uses of various cannabinoids and products.

This upgrade is powered by our elite sponsors, Cali Terpenes and Storz & Bickel, who have generously contributed their expertise and resources to refine and enhance existing modules, as well as create new, hands-on educational content.


Fundamentals of Cannabis Course Syllabus

Day 1:

A. History

i. History of Cannabis Prohibition
ii. History of Cannabis Species and Use

B. Weed vs Tweed

i. Pre-Modern Cannabis Varieties
ii. Modren Cannabis Varieties

C. Anatomy, Life Cycle and Seed

i. Anatomy of Cannabis
ii. The Natural Lifecycle
iii. Indoor Commercial Cultivation
iv. Phytocannabinoid Phytosynthesis
v. Seeds on the Market

a.Practical Explanation with Humbolt Seed Company

vi. Basic Needs of the Plant
vii.Organic vs Conventional Farming

Day 2:

D. Flavors, Smells and Drugs

i. The Endocannabinoid System
ii. The Entourage Effect
iii. Terpenes & Terpenoids

iv. Practical with CaliTerpenes

E. Cannabis Medicine & Treatment

i. Medcan Medical Clinic
ii. Cannabinoids & Associated benefits
iii. Disorders & Potential Cannabinoid Treatments
iv. Theory & Practice of Vaporization with Storz & Bickel

F. Cannabinoid Products on the Market

i. Cannabis Flower
ii. Traditional Hash
iii. Edibles
iv. Creams/Balms/lotions
v. Smokeable Concentrates

a. History
b. Production
c. Product Identification

vi. Synthetic Cannabinoids

Day 3:

G. Cannabis Analytics

ii. Interpretting COA's
iii. Practical with Purpl Scientific

H. Cannabis Legality in Spain

I. Ongoing Education


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