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Medcan University

Cannabis Science Program: Industry Professionals

Cannabis Science Program: Industry Professionals

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Elevate your career in the dynamic cannabis industry with the Cannabis Science Certification Program from Medcan University, tailored for industry professionals. This extensive training covers all vital areas of cannabis science—including cultivation, extraction, and infusion technologies—led by experts to provide both deep knowledge and actionable skills. Perfect for those looking to advance their current roles or spearhead new initiatives, this program is your pathway to becoming a recognized expert in the evolving cannabis field.

Program Courses

Integrated Cannabis Studies - 3 Days Immerse yourself in the expansive world of cannabis over three days, exploring its history, botany, pharmacology, legal issues, and diverse applications. This course arms you with a comprehensive understanding of cannabis, essential for navigating and succeeding in various industry roles. Learn about cultivation techniques, the science of cannabis effects, and more to broaden your industry competence.

Cannabis Extraction Techniques - 2 Days Gain mastery over cannabis extraction during this intensive two-day course. Learn the latest technologies and methodologies for producing high-quality cannabis extracts. Covering basic to advanced extraction techniques like distillation and isomerization, this course equips you to tackle professional extraction challenges confidently.

Science and Mathematics of Cannabis Infusions - 2 Days Delve into the intricacies of cannabis infusions with a focus on the underlying science and mathematics. This two-day course extends beyond culinary applications to include pharmaceutical product formulations, teaching you precise dosing and safety calculations essential for creating consistent and safe products across a broad spectrum of the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Cultivation Course - 2 Days Explore the full spectrum of cannabis cultivation from hobbyist to commercial production. This course covers advanced cultivation techniques ensuring the safety, sustainability, and quality of your crop. From seed selection to harvest, learn everything needed to effectively grow cannabis, focusing on regulatory compliance and innovative practices that maximize yield and potency.

Exam Day - 1 Day Conclude the program with an exam day to evaluate your understanding of all topics covered. Successfully passing the exam awards you the prestigious Cannabis Science Certification, demonstrating your expertise and preparedness to excel in the cannabis sector.

Program Details

  • Duration: 10 Days Total (9 Days of Instruction + 1 Exam Day)
  • Hours in Classroom: 60+
  • Certification: Cannabis Science Certification upon passing the exam
  • Total Price: €2,950 per person
  • Group Discount: €2,450 per person for groups of 3+


  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Engage with all critical aspects of the cannabis industry, from plant science to market-ready product development.
  • Practical Skills: Practical, hands-on training ensures immediate applicability of skills in real-world settings.
  • Professional Certification: Receive a Cannabis Science Certification from Medcan Medical Clinic, enhancing your professional stature and credibility.

This program offers an in-depth exploration of cannabis science, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to transform your career and set benchmarks in the cannabis industry.

Fundamentals of Cannabis Course Syllabus

Day 1:

A. History

i. History of Cannabis Prohibition
ii. History of Cannabis Species and Use

B. Weed vs Tweed

i. Pre-Modern Cannabis Varieties
ii. Modren Cannabis Varieties

C. Anatomy, Life Cycle and Seed

i. Anatomy of Cannabis
ii. The Natural Lifecycle
iii. Indoor Commercial Cultivation
iv. Phytocannabinoid Phytosynthesis
v. Seeds on the Market

a.Practical Explanation with Humbolt Seed Company

vi. Basic Needs of the Plant
vii.Organic vs Conventional Farming

Day 2:

D. Flavors, Smells and Drugs

i. The Endocannabinoid System
ii. The Entourage Effect
iii. Terpenes & Terpenoids

iv. Practical with CaliTerpenes

E. Cannabis Medicine & Treatment

i. Medcan Medical Clinic
ii. Cannabinoids & Associated benefits
iii. Disorders & Potential Cannabinoid Treatments
iv. Theory & Practice of Vaporization with Storz & Bickel

F. Cannabinoid Products on the Market

i. Cannabis Flower
ii. Traditional Hash
iii. Edibles
iv. Creams/Balms/lotions
v. Smokeable Concentrates

a. History
b. Production
c. Product Identification

vi. Synthetic Cannabinoids

Day 3:

G. Cannabis Analytics

ii. Interpretting COA's
iii. Practical with Purpl Scientific

H. Cannabis Legality in Spain

I. Ongoing Education

J. Final Exam

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