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Our Fundamentals of Cannabis course is an essential primer in all things cannabis, designed for anyone interested in entering the cannabis industry under any capacity, as well as for cannabis enthusiasts.

Did you know that the first time cannabis was prohibited was in the 1300’s? Can you describe the natural life cycle of the plant or how feminized seeds are produced? How are concentrate products made and which solvents or techniques are used to make each of them?

Upon completing this course you will have a firm understanding of the history of cannabis as well as how it is cultivated, how new genetics are created and how seeds are produced. You will also learn about nearly every cannabis product on the market, how they work and how they are made, and what to expect from them. Touching on every topic from terpenoids and the entourage effect all the way to specific legalities in Spain and which cannabinoids and products might be interesting to which user and for which reason.

Medcan Medical Clinic offers Certification at the Completion of each of Medcan University's courses after successful completion of a final exam.

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