So you wanna work in the Cannabis Industry

So you wanna work in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis legality is on the rise all over the world and with the exception of a few countries (we’re looking at you China and Russia). That means that there is a growing demand for workers within a budding industry and frequently Medcan University is asked the same question:

“How does one get a job in this new Cannabis Industry?”

There are lots of different and varied positions within the cannabis industry, and sometimes just knowing what the options are is the hardest part!

Let’s take a look at some of the different companies and what kind of positions they might offer in order to inspire your next big career change.

Cannabis Clubs
In the Netherlands, as well as in Spain and Georgia, cannabis clubs represent a point of sale and a social space for cannabis consumers.

Many times, these clubs operate just like a restaurant or a boutique store; there are managers, and budtenders, as well as inventory and cleaning positions and – a vital position – compliance management.

In this case, knowledge of the different cannabis products on the market is important. Budtenders and store employees need to understand proper handling and care for their inventory as well. This means understanding the basics of cannabis chemistry and how cannabinoids might degrade or change over time, as well as how to prevent it by using proper storage methods.

Cannabis industry workers in these positions also need to have knowledge of medical benefits and harm reduction. Knowing which products are for which customer is essential.

Grow Shops
There are grow shops all over the world that are selling equipment necessary for personal or commercial cultivation of cannabis. Knowing the laws and legalities of what you can say and not say to a customer is important to the employee as well as the employer.

Important, too, is having a firm understanding of grow room design, plant anatomy, and nutrient usage. Furthermore, you need to understand lighting equipment, ventilation and smell control.

Seed Banks
There are lots of seed banks - both young and old. Girls Seeds, for example, is a woman-owned and -operated cannabis seed bank that is based out of Barcelona.

Understanding social media and content creation, business marketing, as well as understanding the range of seed products on the market today is a big priority.

Employees at these companies need to be able to explain the difference between Regular, Feminized and Autoflowering seeds, as well as be able to spot common mutations and respond to customer service enquiries.

Refined Products
If you are interested in working with edibles or concentrate products, it is essential to be well versed in the different products on the market from these categories, as well as to understand the processes and techniques used to extract, isolate, and encapsulate cannabinoids. You need to know which products are made by which methods and what cannabinoid potency or content they might have in them.

Learning more advanced methods of extraction and edible making is a great way to make you stand out.

There are more and more startups in the cannabis industry everyday, as new ideas get created and new products and services developed.

More business-minded candidates might be attracted to some of these positions in which business marketing skills and content creation skills are a major leg up.

If you have your own idea for a business you might find that you want to learn from a professional startup consultant how to develop these ideas, or you might be a start up consultant yourself and want to help businesses develop their ideas. Regardless, understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding the products being developed is important, as is having a holistic understanding of the fundamentals of cannabis.

In fact, having the fundamental understanding of the cannabis plant, the products on the market as well as how they are made and what cannabinoids are contained in them is the first stepping stone toward just about any position within the cannabis industry.

Medcan University is a great resource for anyone wanting to join the industry at any level. We provide courses and even training and certification by Medcan Clinic which provide the tools and knowledge on Cannabis as well as Risk and Harm Reduction Practices that cannabis companies need their employees to have.

Which of these positions are most interesting to you? Which skills and what knowledge do you already have, and what should you learn more about? Leave us a comment!

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