Patient Testimony: Discovering Cannabis as a Lyme Disease Treatment

Patient Testimony: Discovering Cannabis as a Lyme Disease Treatment

Everyday, Medcan Medical Clinic helps to guide new patients into the world of cannabis.

Often times, the folks who pass through our doors are completely new to the world of cannabis, and it is our privilege to take them by the hand and walk them through the ins and outs of medical cannabis and its use. Our patients come from all walks of life, and all age groups.

Recently, a new patient of the clinic had interest in sharing her experience with medical cannabis and in turn we would like to share her experience with you. Certain personal details have been changed or removed to protect patient privacy.

My name is Maria and I’m 31 years old. In fact, my first time ever using cannabis or considering its use was this year at 31 years old. It is fair to say that I have tried almost every single treatment option possible. I have Lyme disease and like many other patients, the health care system really has failed me, leaving me to find solutions on my own. I discovered cannabis totally by accident smoking it one day at a friend's house. Never did I expect it to bring me so much relief! Far from harming me, smoking weed helped me calm down the pains I was experiencing, the same way an anti-inflammatory would do with the difference that I cannot take any.

The next day I made an appointment with Medcan and dove into the beautiful world of Cannabis. I learned so much thanks to Josep and Bryan, the on-site doctor I saw and who helped me assess my symptoms, test and find the best cannabinoids and products for my body.

I am still shocked that such a powerful plant is banned, that we have to fight so much to get hold of cannabis products. The work they are doing at Medcan is beautiful, they gave me hope and practical tools to have a better quality of life.

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