Discover the secret to consuming THCa, CBGa, and CBDa

Discover the secret to consuming THCa, CBGa, and CBDa

Acid forms of cannabinoids like THCa, CBGa, and CBDa, can absolutely not being consumed through smoking a joint!

Lighting up a joint actually does some pretty cool chemistry that unfortunately prevents you from having access to those compounds. When the flame touches the cannabinoids, it vaporizes them, or converts them and then vaporizes them, and unfortunately the acid forms of the cannabinoids are converted into other cannabinoids before being vaporized and then absorbed by your lungs.

Acid forms of cannabinoids have some really useful properties. They are anti-inflammatory as well as suspected to be useful in the remission of Crohn's disease. Investigation into the use of cannabis as a treatment against the Covid virus even determined that cannabinoids like CBGa may be useful in combatting the absorption of the virus by your lungs!

Knowing how to consume which cannabinoids, and knowing which cannabis products lead to the consumption of which cannabinoids by different methods of consumption is all part of a budtenders job and equally important to the consumer purchasing the product or making their own products at home.

Medcan Medical Clinic, through courses at Medcan University, certifies budtenders, other industry professionals and consumers alike as experts in the knowledge needed to choose and produce refined cannabis products with specific and exact cannabinoid contents.

Have you ever consumed THCa? What benefits do you find it had, if any? What was your route of consumption?

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