Cannabis and Appetite: How to hack the Munchies

Cannabis and Appetite: How to hack the Munchies

Cannabis has a lot of value as a therapeutic aide, and in fact one of the most reputable characteristics of cannabis use is that it can help with nausea and create appetite. This has been incredibly useful for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, since the powerful compounds that their bodies are exposed to have a habit of reducing appetite and causing dreadful nausea.

For the most part, THC is the compound which is responsible for these effects. Other cannabinoids like CBG may also stimulate appetite, and control nausea. CBD and the acid forms of cannabinoids like THCa, CBGa, or CBDa are probably not directly stimulating appetite or reducing nausea however they maybe working in tandem with THC in order to better achieve the desired results.

Chemotherapy patients aren’t the only folks who benefit from the anti-nausea and appetite-enducing effects of THC.

Many people suffer from deep anxiety, which can have its roots in a very long list of possible causes. Many people who feel anxiety also suffer from problems eating or from nausea when they are feeling particularly anxious. The same appetite stimulating effects found in THC for chemotherapy patients has also been particularly helpful to patients with problems eating which are related to anxiety. More over, THC also has its own anxiolytic effects which double down offer a possibility of real quality of life improvement for many of these people.

Medcan Medical Clinic and its team of doctors and specialists has guided thousands of people in the treatment of their symptoms using cannabinoids.

Appetite enhancement and decreasing of nausea symptoms which are sometimes concurrent with other medical therapies they are undergoing has been a common topic of conversation between our patients and our doctors.

Some patients have even found that THC from cannabis has been helpful for dealing with the symptoms that come from the flu and other common cold viruses, for the treatment of nausea and lack of appetite.

THCV is another cannabinoid that acts on appetite, but in a very different way. It suppresses appetite and might be useful for people with eating disorders. Unfortunately, THCV is quite hard to get ahold of unless you’re growing your own weed and acquiring genetics that have the potential for higher THCV production.

Cannabis has the potential to mediate all sorts of symptoms that come from all sorts of diseases, conditions, and knowing which cannabinoids are most useful for yourself, or the people you are guiding in selection of cannabis products, is a highly valuable skill set.

Medcan University offers courses which spell out everything you need to for cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids investigation and use. Starting with the fundamentals of cannabis, courses go as far as to guide students in formulating specific cannabinoid combinations for their personal use and needs.

Have you ever benefited from the anti-nausea and appetite-enducing effects of cannabis? How do you choose which cannabis products work best for nausea and appetite?

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