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Elevate your cannabis community with Medcan University's Event Workshop + Basic Analytics Service. This is not just an event, but an immersive, educational experience designed to deepen your understanding of cannabis and its various applications.

Our 4-hour workshop, often hosted at local cannabis clubs in Barcelona, provides an interactive and practical learning environment. We delve into a comprehensive range of cannabis-related topics, from the art of making edibles to the science of extractions and the fascinating world of terpenes. Our goal is to enhance your understanding of cannabis, promoting harm reduction and risk management.

Our workshops are not just theoretical but also hands-on. For instance, in our past event, "The Higher Art of Chocolate Making," participants learned about safe edible-making practices. In another event, "420 Cannabis Trivia," we combined education with entertainment, engaging participants in a night of cannabis trivia.

Included in the event is a complimentary Basic Analytics Service using the Purpl Pro device. This service provides analysis for up to 20 cannabis flower samples, offering metrics for total potential THC and CBD, as well as water activity and humidity level.

For those seeking a more detailed analysis, we offer an upgrade to our Advanced Analytics Service for an additional €100. This service employs both the Purpl Pro and the Valenveras NIR machine, providing a more detailed profile of your cannabis products, including THCa, CBDa, and over nine different terpenes.

All results are delivered in a personalized PDF file and a physical print-out certificate. They are also made public on our website's database, contributing to the collective cannabis knowledge and fostering a more informed cannabis community.

At Medcan University, we believe in the power of education to elevate the cannabis community. Our events are designed to be engaging, informative, and most importantly, beneficial to our participants.

By choosing to host a Medcan University event, your association not only gains access to quality content and expert knowledge but also positions itself as a leader in cannabis education. This can enhance your reputation, attract new members, and strengthen your community's trust in your commitment to safe and informed cannabis use.

Contact us today to schedule your Event Workshop + Analytics Service. Together, let's elevate our understanding of cannabis.

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