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Discover the power of advanced cannabis analytics with Medcan University's Analytics Service. We utilize two state-of-the-art testing devices, the Purpl Pro and the Valenveras NIR machine, to provide a comprehensive analysis of your cannabis samples.

Our Basic Analytics Service, priced at €250, employs the Purpl Pro device. A Medcan University technician will visit your location to perform on-site testing for up to 20 cannabis flower samples. This portable testing device measures total potential THC and CBD, as well as water activity and humidity level, providing a snapshot of your cannabis product's potency and quality.

For a more detailed analysis, opt for our Advanced Analytics Service for an additional €100. This service uses both the Purpl Pro and the Valenveras NIR machine. The Valenveras NIR machine identifies not only THC and CBD, but also THCa, CBDa, and over nine different terpenes. This comprehensive analysis offers a more complete profile of your cannabis products, providing insights into their potential effects and characteristics. What's more, our Advanced Analytics Service extends beyond flower testing to include iceolater, dry sift, and pollen. We're continually expanding our testing capabilities to serve you better.

All results are delivered in a personalized PDF file and a physical print-out certificate, designed to help your clients understand their choices better. Results from our Analytics Service are also made public on our website's database, contributing to the collective knowledge of the cannabis community. This service is available for Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) for harm reduction and informational purposes, and for individuals who can drop off their samples at our medical clinic. The cost for individuals is €12 per sample for the Basic test and €18 per sample for the Advanced test.

To ensure the most accurate and beneficial results, we encourage regular testing. We offer Value Packages for ongoing testing services. Choose from our 3-month package at €700 (save €50) or our 6-month package at €1250 (equivalent to one month free, save €250). For Advanced Analytics, simply add an extra €100 per month to these packages. Plus, with our 6-month Advanced Analytics package, you'll enjoy an additional €100 discount, making it still equivalent to one month free!

At Medcan University, we are serious about cannabis education and testing. Our Analytics Service is designed to provide you with reliable, scientific data about your cannabis products, helping you make informed decisions and contribute to harm reduction and risk management within our industry. Contact us today to schedule your on-site testing service.

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