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Medcan University

Complete Professional Certification Exam

Complete Professional Certification Exam

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Elevate your expertise and credibility in the cannabis industry with Medcan University's Complete Professional Certification Exam. This intensive and comprehensive examination is designed for individuals who have completed our Fundamentals and specialized courses, or those with extensive knowledge in the field, seeking to obtain certification as expert consultants.

The Complete Professional Certification Exam is ideal for therapists, medical professionals, business owners and managers, product developers and formulators, cultivation and extraction specialists, and cannabis educators and researchers, and others looking to demonstrate their expertise in the cannabis industry.

Features of the Complete Professional Certification Exam:

  • Comprehensive 4-hour exam, covering essential topics in cannabis fundamentals and specialized areas of cultivation, extraction and edible-making
  • Designed for those who have completed Medcan University's courses, as well as individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in the field
  • Opportunity to "test out" of courses and directly obtain certification
  • The ultimate certification offered by Medcan University, reflecting your expertise and dedication to the cannabis industry

Take your cannabis knowledge and professional standing to the next level with Medcan University's Complete Professional Certification Exam, and showcase your proficiency as an expert consultant in the industry.

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