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This is your opportunity to bundle together our two refined products courses and our cultivation course and save 100€!

The first course, Edible Production, gives industry workers and consumers the knowledge needed to understand the processes involved in the production process of all edibles on the market.

Step by step, our team walks students through specific techniques for producing consistently dosed edibles:

- Formulation
- Source materials
- Transport fats
- Cannabinoid content targets
- Safe manufacture processes

Students will walk away prepared to make high quality, consistent edible products by following specific techniques, from any source material – hash, trim, flower, etc. – all from the comfort of their own home.

The second course, Basics of Extraction, is designed as an overview of cannabis extraction products and their production.

Our instructors will walk you through several methods of extraction using a variety of solvents and techniques, paying special attention to safety and harm reduction practices:

- Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction
- Whole Plant Crude Oil Extraction
- Closed-loop Hydrocarbon Extraction (Butane/Propane)
- Heptane, Pentane refinement
- Winterization

Students will receive hands-on training for laboratory equipment, and walk away prepared to design their own extraction systems for whatever style of concentrate they want to create!

The third course, Cannabis Cultivation, is a holistic primer for safe cultivation, designed to provide harm reduction through professional instruction for cultivating high quality, safe cannabis flower for personal use. In this course, students are taken step by step through:

- Design of the grow space
- Plant anatomy and life cycle
- Seed selection
- Soil selection
- Lighting, ventilation, odor control, water quality control
- Nutrient usage,
- Prevention of pests and pathogens

Medcan Medical Clinic offers Certification at the completion of each of Medcan University's courses, after successful passing of a final exam.


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